"Cops have a feeling in their fingertips, a sixth sense. I teach them why and what they're picking up. Exactly what it is they're sensing - and how to use it to get to the truth." D. Glenn Foster

Tired of being taught theoretical interview techniques?

There are numerous experts on academic theories of interview and interrogation. There are specialists in body language and experts in human behavior who have conducted worthwhile, bona fide clinical research into how a test group of people react when stressed, how selected subjects behave when deceptive


Do theoretical techniques work in the real world?

How many of these theories work in the pits - when the issues you face are deadly serious? When the consequences of revealing the truth are not simply a matter of ticking boxes on a bright computer screen but of causing devastating consequences in the lives of real people and those who love and hate them.

When you are face to face with the perp who knows that letting an incriminating fact slip will land him in jail, that showing weakness could get her a death sentence – when the sweat on both sides is charged with adrenalin – can you afford to rely on theoretical techniques, conceived in academe, to give you that crucial breakthrough in your case?


A powerful, proven-in-the-trenches, interview & interrogation system is critical.

  • You need a strategy, tried and proven in the real world of criminal interrogation, that has been specifically developed to reach into the minds and emotions of offenders determined to defeat you.
  • You need a reality tested non-confrontational technique that has a track record for opening up the worst perpetrators of every type of crime from serial killers and pedophiles through rapists and stalkers, arsonists and gangbangers, terrorists and kidnappers, to shoplifters, carjackers and petty thieves.
  • You need a system that equips you with the knowledge of how to approach a subject to overcome each of their defensive, self-justifying ploys, how to cut through any overlying impediment, and how to lead them slowly and surely through to giving up the facts,
  • You need a system that helps you solve cases.


D. Glenn Foster’s Kinesic Interview & Interrogation Technique

D. Glenn Foster’s Kinesic Interview and Interrogation Technique originally grew out of his collaboration with Frederick C Link in the late 1970s when they developed the basic Kinesic Principles. This resulted in the publication of their The Kinesic Interview Technique in 1980.

Kinesics in various applications

Over the years dedicated proponents of the Kinesic technique have taken Foster’s early material down different speculative tracks.

Criminal Kinesic Interview and Interrogation

Foster, whose criminal Kinesic Interview & Interrogation Technique has never stopped evolving with his study of the way hundreds of human beings react under stress in interview situations, is now the acknowledged authority in the field. From the high profile cases such as the triple police homicide in Birmingham, AL., 2004, through the homicide of the first female state trooper murdered in the line of duty in American history, to the release of Terry Wanzer from state prison in Georgia where he was being falsely held for 2 life sentences, the acclaimed techniques that solve cases have been honed and refined.

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Training in the Kinesic interviewing secrets

For almost 40 years Foster has taught thousands of interviewers from every imaginable investigative field.

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Remarkable results of Kinesic training

Acclaim for both Foster’s technique and his exciting training style has been universal:

“I first met Glenn Foster at one of his highly informative and high energy seminars on interrogation techniques. Many of the ideas he taught have been useful over my 25 year career as a prosecutor. Immediately after that seminar, I asked for Glenn’s help on a missing child case in my home county. Within 24 hours he and I extracted a confession from the child’s father of his involvement in the child’s death and disappearance that local investigators had been unable to obtain for over 24 months. The techniques he has developed have been tested and proven effective. The same style of interrogation he uses so successfully can work for you too. I highly recommend these seminars to law enforcement officers, investigators, prosecutors and anyone else with a need to be able to quickly and effectively size up a witness or defendant, ferret out the truth and expose the lies.”
Chris Hargett
Former District Attorney
Franklin County, Alabama

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Learn the Kinesic Interview and Interrogation Technique secrets

If you want to dramatically improve your interview/interrogation skills in order to solve cases or you simply want an uncanny insight into the way people lie, secure a place in one of Foster’s courses.

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Original Edition, Interrotec Assocs.,
Riverdale, GA (1980)