"Cops have a feeling in their fingertips, a sixth sense. I teach them why and what they're picking up. Exactly what it is they're sensing - and how to use it to get to the truth." D. Glenn Foster

Sample List of Agencies and OrganizationsTrained


Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC)  
FBI, Federal Bureau of Investigation Counter Intelligence
ATF, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms
ROCIC, Regional Organized Crime Information Center
DEA, Drug Enforcement Administration
US State Department
US Department of Justice, US Attorney’s Office
US Department of The Treasury, IRS Internal Revenue Service
US Department of Defense
US Army Counter Intelligence groups
US Navy
US Immigration and Naturalization Service
US Postal Service
US Probation
US Department of Agriculture


Various State Bureaus of Investigation e.g. Georgia, Alabama, Wisconsin, etc.
Texas Rangers
Departments of Public Safety e.g. Wisconsin DPS, Alabama PDS, Texas PDS, FHP, etc.
District Attorney’s Offices e.g. Northampton, MA:  (Jefferson Co.)Birmingham, AL.,(Fulton Co.) Atlanta, etc.
School Resource Officers, all states training through NASRO
State Correctional Facilities
State Arson Associations e.g. California, Georgia, Ohio, etc.


City and town Police Departments e.g. St.Louis, MO; Atlanta, GA; Fort Meyers, FL; Dallas and Huston, TX, etc.
County Sheriff’s Departments e.g. Lee Co., FL, Calhoun Co., AL., Hall Co., GA, etc.
Fire Department, Arson Investigations
County Correctional Facilities


Law enforcement agencies in Canada, Mexico, UAE, Israel, Switzerland.

Insurance Industry

Blue Cross Blue Shield
State Farm
Insurance Institute of Canada
Crawford Adjusters Canada Ltd.


Cracker Barrel
Southern Bell
Home Depot
Richs Department Store
Hart Schaeffer and Marx
Bankers Online

Representatives of hundreds of other US and international agencies and organizations have attended as individual students.