"Cops have a feeling in their fingertips, a sixth sense. I teach them why and what they're picking up. Exactly what it is they're sensing - and how to use it to get to the truth." D. Glenn Foster

Sample of Cases Worked


Called in by ATF and US Attorney’s Office in Pittsburgh, PA to assist in mass arson case where a 23 year old burned over $12million worth of property in the town of Indiana, PA. During a 3-year period over 40 homes, churches, a hotel, skating rink, etc had been burned including one night when two city blocks were alight. Two deaths resulted from the hotel conflagration. A 30 strong task force consisting of ATF agents, FBI Profile Unit, DA investigators, Pennsylvania State troopers was formed.  Foster interviewed known friends and associates of Mr. Walter Beatty, including his fiancée. He obtained confessions from all about Beatty’s involvement in various fires, with the result that the case was cleared in 2 days.

Homicide of first female State Trooper in America murdered in the line of duty

Called in to investigate the murder of Trooper Elizabeth Cobb, who was shot 3 times in her state trooper vehicle in Selma, AL, Foster, with investigators, narrowed down the suspects to Trooper Joseph C. Duncan, fiancé of Ms Cobb.  After an interview lasting one and a half hours Duncan admitted his involvement in the death.   A reconstruction then followed where Duncan recreated his incriminating actions at the murder scene.


Contacted by the Attorney General of Alabama to assist Attorney General’s Office investigators in case of a man missing for a year from United States Army base at Fort Benning, Columbus, GA.  The man, who ran the computer room at the base, disappeared during the first Gulf War in 1991. After studying the investigative folders, Foster determined who the killer was and during the ensuing interview he obtained a full confession.  The 26 year old murderer then took Foster, Tommy Boswell, High Sheriff of Calhoun Co. and investigators to the remote area of the state where he had buried the body.

Triple police homicide

District Attorney’s Office in Jefferson Co., Birmingham, AL (Mr. David Barber, DA) requested assistance after the shooting deaths of 3 Birmingham police officers.  Foster and the team found numerous witnesses who were present or had direct knowledge of how the officers had been murdered with an SKS assault rifle with armor piercing bullets. In the interviews that followed the information was extracted and confessions were given.

Multiple homicide

Also assisted the District Attorney’s office in Jefferson County in the Martin killings where an elderly couple was murdered in their home along with their grandson.  A previous killing of a 91 year old subject had been committed weeks before. Foster interviewed one of two persons involved in the earlier killing and obtained information concerning other homicides committed by gangbangers in other cities and states.

Atlanta serial child killings

Foster was asked by then police chief, Morris Redding to come back to the Atlanta Police Department after he had left the agency to assist in the Atlanta serial killings. Also in the same year, 1982, he was asked by the then police chief of Fulton Co., GA, Clint Chaffin, to interview a suspect they had in the Atlanta serial killer case: a 63 year old fixated pedophile suspect they had originally thought had information in deaths of children being murdered in the city of Atlanta.

Most prolific serial killer in American history

Requested by the American Hospitals Association (Bob Covermann) to interview Donald Harvey, the hospital serial killer, in order to elicit information on his suffocation and injection techniques for study by hospital security personnel.  Also in attendance at this interview was Foster’s then employee, Stan Walters.

Innocent man pardoned

Foster was contacted by Donnie Lee, member of Parole Board of Georgia, about the innocence of a Terry Wanzer, then serving 2 life sentences, whom he believed had been falsely accused of offences in Georgia.  After interviewing Mr. Wanzer, Foster was convinced of his innocence and presented information to the Pardons and Parole Board that proved the case. Foster then continued to work with a team on the case, finding one of two men involved. One year later the governor of Georgia granted Mr. Wanzer a full pardon by reason of innocence.  He is only the second man in 100 years to receive such a pardon in the state of Georgia. 

Read Terry Lee Wanzer's own story here.

Female serial killer

Rome Police Department requested Foster’s assistance in the investigation of Judith Neely, a female serial killer. Neely’s 2 state killing spree began when she was 8 months pregnant. She had murdered a 13 year old in a national forest by injecting her with Clorox then throwing her off a one hundred foot cliff.  She and her accomplice then picked up a couple across the border from their home who had car trouble. After terrorizing them for two hours the wife of a 22 year old was taken off and shot to death. The young husband lived – the only victim to survive Neely’s killing spree. Foster, mindful of the traumatic state of the young man, slowly extracted information that resulted in the arrest and conviction of Judith Neely.


Baltimore Police Dept. requested Foster interview suspected child killer/pedophile, “The Fish Man.”  After reviewing the case folder with Detective Pelligrini, the case agent, Foster determined that the Fish Man had murdered more than just the one child in question.  During lengthy interview with the suspect who never talked or communicated, Foster could only get the subject to nod head  “yes” that he had indeed killed the 12 year old child who worked at his small store. Foster also obtained information from the victim’s best friend that the victim had stated to her that she had been molested and sexually assaulted by the suspect approximately 3 weeks before her death.  ATF’s forensic lab matched unknown materials to shingles and roofing material inside the suspect’s burned out store.  The publicly known facts of this case were mentioned by David Simon in his book on the Baltimore Police Dept. “Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets.”  

Corrupt State Investigator

State of Alabama requested assistance in the investigation into the homicide of a Ms Dana Hart, whose body was found in Butler County, AL. Captain John Purdue’s one year investigation led him to Grady Gibson, ABI Agent, who had been using the dead woman’s husband as an informant.  Foster’s reading of the file identified the statement of a person who had lied at the onset of the case and the ensuing interview of this person elicited the fact that he knew about the killing of Ms Hart and the involvement of the police officer.  This and subsequent interviews garnered facts that helped lead to the trial and life sentence of Grady Gibson.

Police Officer homicides

Foster’s assistance was requested at the investigation into the murder of a Fulton County officer murdered at the Prado shopping mall in Sandy Springs, GA. The young officer was shot to death and his female partner was seriously wounded in a gun battle at a jewelry store. A subject was arrested and convicted of the murder and also of a second police officer in Texas.

Double serial killers

Foster was brought in by Tommy Boswell, High Sheriff, and chief investigator, Steve Osteen, to assist the task force working with FBI Quantico profilers in Phenix City, AL investigating two serial killers operating together who murdered a local woman.

Child homicides

Russellville District Attorney Office requested assistance in two cases involving the death of children.  In one case the killer had passed 2 lie detector exams and was therefore not considered a suspect until Foster saw his statement and had him brought in for further interview.  This interview led to the arrest of 2 individuals involved in the death of the Rodriquez child.

United States Navy drug smuggling

In the early 90s Foster, working with a Naval Intelligence officer, uncovered a USN drug smuggling operation.  During interviews with the suspect officer detailed information was extracted about the smuggling of narcotics on board military aircraft.

United States Postal Inspectors homicide case

Under contract to the US Postal Service, Foster investigated the homicide of an elderly female postmaster who had been stabbed to death. A suspect was arrested in the early morning hours following the investigation and subsequently convicted.  

Dept. of Agriculture Serial Arsonist

Foster assisted in the investigation of a series of arsons in federal forests.  During lengthy interviews with a suspect Foster elicited detailed information on how the fires had been found and set by this GS12 federal employee.

Homicide investigations in Mexico

Foster’s advice has been requested on numerous killings in Mexico over the last 20 years.  The most recent being at the request of the Attorney General’s office and Federal Police regarding the beheading and skinning of a woman in Queretaro and assisting Chief Tony Benavides of the Monterrey Police Department in the conviction of the killers of an entire family.