"Cops have a feeling in their fingertips, a sixth sense. I teach them why and what they're picking up. Exactly what it is they're sensing - and how to use it to get to the truth." D. Glenn Foster

Statement Analysis Service

Has your major felony investigation slid to a stop?

Have you missed the clues in his/her statement?

Send in suspect and witness statements to pinpoint deception.

Foster will identify if, where and when any interviewee is being deceptive or withholding from copies of written statements, Q&A, or video interviews and transcripts.

You will receive an in-depth Statement Analysis Report covering:

  • Identification of suspects and deceptive witnesses.
    • Exactly at what points in a statement and in relation to which specific matter/s a subject is lying.
  • Insight into the subject’s psyche.
    • Identification of subject’s personality type and, where it exists, any underlying personality disorder/s, criminal motivation, mindset and attitude towards the interviewer.
  • A suggested interviewing strategy for getting the truth from each deceptive subject (suspect and witness).
    • Tactics for opening up the deceptive subject through understanding of his/her individual mindset, use of ‘criminal coding’ specific to the given offense, and application of a rule system tailored to the particular subject.  
Kinesic Statement Analysis is the deconstruction of the conscious and subconscious behaviours a deceptive subject involuntarily evinces when speaking and/or writing. It is not graphoanalysis or graphology.


Will I get more confessions using your service?
You betcha!

Can you tell me at what point a person is lying?

Can you pinpoint the high stress or deceptive areas where a person may be withholding?

Are you able to tell if a statement is rehearsed?
Yes, that is usually pretty obvious.

Can you determine if a person is depressed or suicidal?
Yes, and also if they have low self esteem.

I’ve heard you can tell if a person has committed other felonies or has sociopath tendencies?
Yes, it is even possible to pick up, in a homicide case, if the subject has killed more than once.

Do you offer suggestions as to the best physical environment in which to interview a guilty subject?
Yes. You will also be advised of the best time of day to interview a particular subject and even which side of him/her to sit on.

Will the report tell me what to say and what not to say?
Yes.  It will also tell you which areas to address specifically and provides you with a rule system specific to each suspect.

Will this also give me a way (if the person is deemed to be withholding) of disorienting their story so they can hear themselves lie?
You will be provided with four different suggested methods of disorienting their story.

Acceptable types of statements    

  • Hand written statements
  • Q&A statements
  • Video and recorded interviews

How statements should be presented

  • Copies must be of highest possible quality. (Originals will not be accepted).
  • Video and recorded interviews must be accompanied by typed transcript.
  • If possible, video, recorded and Q&A statements should include all pauses, uttered noises, sounds, stutters and stammers.
  • A Summary Sheet of case including information on what has occurred and surrounding incidents.
  • Postage by registered mail.

NB All received material will be returned with the Statement Analysis Report and our notes, etc will be shredded.

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