"Cops have a feeling in their fingertips, a sixth sense. I teach them why and what they're picking up. Exactly what it is they're sensing - and how to use it to get to the truth." D. Glenn Foster

Samples of Testimonials Received

I first attended a Foster interview and interrogation class after some fifteen years experience as an FBI Special Agent and a Bell System investigator only to realize I had a lot to learn to become a proficient interviewer.  My experience since attending his Kinesic schools and using/applying his techniques make me realize an above average interrogator can improve their confession obtaining results at least several hundred percent.

Foster was used by the FBI in the late 1980’s to train two Special Agents from each FBI Field Office in the US who were involved in espionage investigations.  My brother was an Agent assigned to the Detroit FBI Office.  He attended a Foster training program in Atlanta and came away astounded about Foster’s interview techniques and methods. Many trainers in and out of law enforcement have tried to copy Foster’s methods but none match his classroom style and training methods. My experience has shown that a Foster trained person will excel in obtaining results from interviewing suspects and subjects.
Brooke Blake
Former Special Agent of the FBI
Retired SunTrust Bank Security Officer
Bank Security Network Trainer
Hall County Sheriffs Office Community Policing Specialist 

The history of scientific interrogation in Mexico falls into 2 periods: Before Glenn Foster and After Glenn Foster
Since 1990 Foster has been the mentor of thousands of Mexican students who have adopted the new modern school of interview and interrogation in my country. He is responsible for the changing methods of resolving crimes and offences used by both police and private companies. Law enforcement officers, trained in his techniques, who are now chiefs of police, will testify to the fact that his training has saved a lot of people from being unjustly imprisoned.  In Mexico, any reference to effective interrogation techniques bears the name of D. Glenn Foster’s Kinesic Interview and Interrogation Technique.
Juan A. Benavides FBINA CPP CPO
Former Chief of Police, Monterrey, Mexico
Author of El Arte del Interrogatorio Cientifico

I first met Glenn Foster at one of his highly informative and high energy seminars on interrogation techniques.  Many of the ideas he taught have been useful over my 25 year career as a prosecutor.  Immediately after that seminar, I asked for Glenn’s help on a missing child case in my home county.  Within 24 hours he and I extracted a confession from the child’s father of his involvement in the child’s death and disappearance that local investigators had been unable to obtain for over 24 months.  The techniques he has developed have been tested and proven effective.  The same style of interrogation he uses so successfully can work for you too.  I highly recommend these seminars to law enforcement officers, investigators, prosecutors and anyone else with a need to be able to quickly and effectively size up a witness or defendant, ferret out the truth and expose the lies.
Chris Hargett
Former District Attorney Franklin County, Alabama

I have been professionally acquainted with D. Glenn Foster for over 25 years.  The first opportunity I had to utilize Foster's services was in 1982 when I was working for a major department store.  We had a series of arsons which created a media event that was affecting our brand and resulting in lost revenue.
As other investigative techniques had been unsuccessful, Foster was consulted in an attempt to develop a profile of the arsonist.  As the result of Foster's profile a suspect was quickly identified.  A full confession was obtained by Foster leading to a conviction in criminal court.  During the course of this investigation, he showed us that he has a complete understanding of human behavior.  He has a feel for what makes people tick.  His dealing with human reactions and emotions made the difference between success and failure.  We were forever grateful to Glenn for his responsiveness and skills in handling this matter for us.
Joe Hardman
Head of Security, Loss Prevention, Cracker Barrel

As education goes, Glenn is extremely entertaining as he brings to you practical and useful techniques in the field of interviewing. The behavioral analysis of the deceptive and truthful person through visual, verbal and written clues have been a tremendous asset in getting to the truth of the issue under investigation. I have utilized Glenn’s techniques since 1984 with a high degree of success. Any individual in the field of interviewing needs to spend a sizable amount of time in Glenn’s classroom. They will be a better interviewer.
Don J. Hancock
22years Insurance SIU - Retired

Glenn, this [your website] is great sir.  I took your class way back in 1992 when I was a Deputy Sheriff down in Florida.  I not only found it the most useful class I have taken in my 23 years on this job, but it has inspired me since to study and adapt body language into the awareness, decision making and survival training I teach front line cops.
I'm attaching an article "Recognizing the Signs and Signals of Crime and Danger" that is about to be published in Homeland Security Review.  It will give you an idea of what I am doing, inspired by what you started in a classroom almost 20 years ago.
Fred T. Leland Jr
Lieutenant, Walpole Police Dept.


Sample of Course Critiques

You will not learn anything better than this course in interviewing people. This course will give me a better foundation in how I interview people. I am learning new and advanced techniques that will more than help assist me in getting confessions that involve crimes. It is a must have course if you want to further your career.
Lt. Robert Head
Elmore County SO.

This will help my investigations a thousand fold compared to what I was originally taught. The difference is so much different now that I have had this course it really cannot be described. It is a must have for any police officer.
Sean Brophy (Deputy)
Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office

I enjoyed the first class [Level I &II] I attended and learned a lot. This course [Level III] enhanced my ability and attitude to be able to obtain more confessions to solve more crimes.  Thank you Glenn for coming back and teaching a portion of your lifelong study in human behavior.  I would recommend this course to any law enforcement agency anywhere.
Sgt. Jimmy A. Taylor
Lee County Sheriff’s Office

Phenomenal!  Some of the best, most useful training I have ever had. This course opened new doors for me, showed me so many ways to look at statements and behavior.  I will use it every day.  Thank you – you really are “the real deal” – I thoroughly enjoyed the entire class.  
Christopher Potter
Fargo Police Dept.

Glenn, I wanted to say thanks for all the great information. I wish the class was longer since there was so much information.  Thanks for making, what I thought was going to be three days of hell, three of the best training days I have been to. I appreciate it.
Bill Emmons
Hudson Police Department

Many times an officer knows there is something wrong but we are unable to put a finger on it.  This training helps us put an answer to that question that sometimes eats at us.  Outstanding class.   
Jason Jones,
Floyd Co. Police

Unlike any other interview class I’ve been to. Very informative with new information from someone who has actually dealt with suspects.
Valerie Kellen,
Patrol Officer
Moorhead Police Dept.

The instructor presents details that until this time had been hidden.  Now it is obvious when deception occurs.   
Steve Harris
New Albany Police Dept.

The Kinesic Technique is an all encompassing method to obtain the most accurate information from a subject. I recommend this course to every law enforcement officer so that they could improve their ability to obtain pertinent information while conducting interviews.
Tpr. Christopher P. Slowick
Florida Highway Patrol

This class [Level I] is very intense!  The instructor, Mr Foster, has great insight and experience in interviewing. Three days of class showed techniques that I have never seen! I have a degree in Criminal Justice that had a seminar long class on interview and interrogation that was good.  I have learned so much more in Mr Foster's 3 day course.  I learned techniques that are more valuable and useful.  This is the best class I have taken in my 12 years in Criminal Justice.
Jeffrey C. Pfeil
El Campo Police Department

An incredibly in-depth look at I & I .  Never had Statement Analysis before.  This course brought to the street cop level.  Great course.  Recommend it to any street cop or detective.
William Wainman
Devel County Sheriff's Office

The class helps to identify certain signs/signals of a person’s mind and/or guilt.  From doing past interviews I know that I missed certain signs that I will now pick up.   
Detective Christopher S. Williams
Charlotte Co. Sheriff’s Office

This man is the guru of interviewing.  I greatly appreciate your sharing your knowledge and humor.
Andre Levesque
Venice Police Dept.

Statement Analysis was phenomenal.  I will never look at a statement the same again. Well done.   
Joe Reed
North Port Police Dept.

Taking Glen Foster’s course has helped working police professionals continue to prepare good cases and attack the criminal element’s actions.  Thank you for your dedication.
Det. D. Kaspar, Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office

I will pay a lot closer attention to the students’ hand written statements and how they act in front of me during an interview.  The information has and will help a lot to help me solve a lot of crimes that I just had to let go in the schools. I will be able to better understand students who come in and speak to me.  The course should be at least 4 days. Mr Foster has a lot of great experience and information to share and give out and you need time to absorb it.
Milan R. Damjanovic
Director of Safety & Security
Crown Point Community School Corp.

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