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Kinesic Threat Assessment


Dear Fellow Interrogators:

With the recent increase in appalling instances of violence in our schools I have been asked to develop a course to teach those responsible for the security and wellbeing of our children how to defuse any potential threat of violence before it’s too late.

To this end, we are proud to launch a new online course called Kinesic Threat Assessment™.

Take a look at the clip: www.kinesicinterview.com/videos/

Kinesic Threat Assessment™ is designed to enable any person in or near a school, college, childcare center, or other educational facility to recognize and identify a person who may pose a potential threat of violence, through observation of their physical and verbal behavior.

Clear, simple and practical rules for Look Profiling both the ‘Inside Threat’ and the ‘Outside Threat’ are learnt, applied, and practiced through video recognition and identification. These Look Profiling rules are then put into practice and tested in real world situations.

Additionally, the course provides the skills to recognize potential threats posed by certain types of mentally disordered persons, how to engage these persons in order to address their particular mind-sets, and how to alleviate their stress and so deflect their purpose.

This course arms the trained, responsible person with the skills to identify and assess threats and provides them the power to prevent incidents BEFORE they happen.

Please forward this on to anyone in a position to protect our children.

Stay dry


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